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T: 0151 703 0020

Write for Work

Write for Work supports participants develop and strengthen their writing skills for the workplace and beyond.

With the rise of social media, advancement of technologies and the increasing demand on us to diversify our skillsets, good writing skills have become essential.

Individuals and organisations are now required to engage, challenge and share ideas or work through a vast variety of forums and platforms, all the while keeping up with relevant online advancements.

Using creative writing techniques and a groupwork methodology, Write for Work has been designed to support participants to upskill and apply new writing techniques to new or existing roles.
Next year unions across the country are celebrating the year of the young worker and WoW are proposing a new and dynamic approach.

The programme will still employ professional writers to deliver sessions on their specific skills, employment backgrounds and essential ideas and tips for future progression. However, the course would be aimed at working professionals, in particular project managers, and so would begin and end with a writing residential. This innovative approach will allow the participants to move away from workplace constraints putting creativity and groupwork at the centre of their learning.
The course will then have four bi-weekly sessions in between and again finish with a residential. Sessions cover disciplines such as blogging, social media, copy writing, culture & review writing, fiction and non-fiction writing and journalism. Write for Work will offer practical techniques that participants can employ to a vast range of writing, including creative approaches to reports, evaluations or website copy, and shall also look at rise of disciplines such as spoken word and how this can impact positively on public speaking and other essential skills. The final programme finishes with a published anthology of the entire group’s work and a book launch with reading from participants.

Working with published writers and professional bodies such as Manon Steffan-Ros (Welsh author of the year), Jeff Young, Matt Cook, The Double Negative and The Big Issue North is key to the development of participant’s writing skills and knowledge of the wider writing sector. It also improves confidence and aspirations, allowing them to explore viable avenues into the writing sector and the workplace as a whole.

Write for Work has a track record for increasing participant knowledge and ability but it also improves confidence and aspiration, promotes team work and independent working and diversifies skills and writing development. Focusing on improving and learning new writing skills for the workplace helps employees to feel confident and happy in their existing roles and develops their skills for future roles. Working with Unite the Union again is an vital partnership for creating ways to help educate workforces through a creative and innovative approach, in what can be an often fractured and challenging employment landscape.