Welcome to the WoW Team!

Writing on the Wall is pleased and proud to welcome our new Social Media Co-ordinator, Rosa Murdoch, to the WoW team. Rosa will be working to bring the latest news and information about WoW projects and events straight to your digital doors, while also blogging and updating about writing opportunities and other cultural events in Liverpool. Rosa is a LIPA graduate who also sings in the band Wonderlust. We'd like to thank the Creative Employment programme and the DWP for helping to make this employment possible.

We'd also like to welcome Bethany Garrett, who is helping to develop the George Garrett Archive Project. Bethany joins us a volunteer, but also as Garrett's great-grandaughter! Bethany is joining us for two days a week during her summer break from Oxford University and is researching and updating the timeline of George Garrett's life and works for the project.