Dragon's Pen

This Wednesday, entrants to the Dragon's Pen competition, will face our four dragons and you are invited to see who survives!

Dragon's Pen is a competition Writing on the Wall has launched this year and will allow new writers to pitch their writing projects in any form to a panel of 'dragons' -  Al Kennedy (Costa award-winning novelist, Day, The Blue Book), Kate Haldane (multi media agent at PBJ Management ), Esther Wilson (playwright, Ten Tiny Toes, Tony Teardrop) & Gordon Wise (literary agent, Curtis Brown).

Who will be the hard-nosed Deborah Meaden? The tough talking Hilary Devey? Will anyone leave as lucky as Levi Roots? (No money will be changing hands, of course!)

AL Kennedy will also be talking about her new book On Writing, a kind of companion to all writers full of advice and motivation.

A fantastic event for writers of all experiences and interests, and well worth watching!