Who Needs the Cuts? Book Launch

Who Needs the Cuts?The United Kingdom, like other countries, is embarking on an unprecedented round of spending cuts. Talk of deficits, the national debt, quantitative easing and other economic terminology is presented to the public as evidence that there is a vital need for some of the most drastic public sector cuts we have ever faced.
In Who Needs the Cuts? Barry Kushner argues there is an alternative story that is not being told. There is a view of the economic events of the past five years that does not see the UK in debt crisis. It offers choice, differences of opinion, uncertainty and hope. It takes us on a different voyage, one beyond economics into politics and visions of society, our expectations and ambitions. Unfortunately, it’s a story that is been ignored in the face of phantom risks and delusional hopes.
Barry Kushner is a regeneration consultant supporting organisations working in the third sector, and now a city councillor in Liverpool, where he lives. This is his first book. Saville Kushner is Professor of Public Evaluation at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He has written widely on democracy and public knowledge and worked for a short while for UNICEF in Latin America.
Book Launch, Thursday 14th March, 8pm.
Music by blues guitarist Pete price, and DIY ska punk band Bolshy