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T: 0151 703 0020

What They Say

'There isn't another writing festival in England as good as Writing on the Wall' Irvine Welsh

'I support any event that uses music and art as a tool for social change. WoW is a great example of this in action. Over a hundred artists performed across Merseyside for a thought-provoking ride. It was a pleasure to be part of WoW's 10th Birthday Festival' Don Letts, Broadcaster and DJ, 2010

'I loved my time at WoW, one of the best literary festivals in the country for its adventurous, leftfield and coherent programming. The events I saw generated great discussion and audience participation, and I was proud to be a judge for Pulp Idol when I was delighted to read three extracts from novels that showed real promise. It's refreshing to find a festival that pays such attention to politics and to the writing community of the area it serves' Luke Brown, Publisher at Tindal Street Press, 2010

'WoW's a terrific festival. I had a great event and was really well looked after. I hope they invite me back' Joe Dunthorne, Award-Winning Writer, 2010

'We treat literature usually like it's fragile china. We want people to appreciate it... but so respectfully, they mustn't get too close in case they break it, they mustn't touch. The brilliance of the Writing on the Wall festival is that it gets rid of all the elitism surrounding books and art, and gives the chance for readers to engage easily with the writers they admire (and writers they've yet to try!). And, better yet for the writers, it gives an opportunity to descend from the ivory tower and interact with a community directly and find new purpose in the stories they want to tell. Of all the writing festivals I've ever attended, it's the warmest, the friendliest, the most entertaining and the least pretentious - and you leave it buzzing with new books to read and new tales to invent' Rob Shearman, Award-Winning Writer, 2010

'I hope you and all the trustees of Writing on the Wall realise how much you contribute to literature, both local and international. We writers are really grateful. All the hard work you put in during the year means that the soil is well ploughed for writers of all sorts to flourish. It is your effort, organising readings, competitions, publicity, funding etc. that enables writers to meet each other, discuss work and ideas and to present their work to a new public. It’s very stimulating. So a big thanks from all of us. We couldn’t do without you.' Pauline Melville, Award-Winning Writer, 2009

'As well as attracting great names in literature the Writing on the Wall Festival has been tremendously successful in reaching out to local communities...many of our arts and culture groups could learn from the WoW team by having the courage to actively engage in communities instead of just holding events in the city centre. WoW has had the foresight and the guts to hold events in some of our most deprived areas, thereby attracting people who traditionally would never think of attending writing workshops.' Laurence Westgaph, Liverpool Echo, May 14th 2007

'For some time now WoW has been changing the nature of audiences at artistic events in Liverpool - younger, and more representative of the population - without losing us oldies.' Dave Evans, Award-Winning Writer

'The WoW Festival reaches audiences that other festivals can not reach.' Audience Member 2007

'I have been to many events during the festival and each one has been wonderfully inspiring. Keep up the good work!' Audience Member 2007

'The event was fantastic. The poets complimented each other really well. It was a great mix of poetry, music, humour and food-for-thought. Audience Member 2007 (on Benjamin Zephaniah & Friends Event)