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Our book launch for TranScripts writers was a fantastic success with writers performing their work they produced during the project. It was held at the Museum of Liverpool as part of Liverpool Mental Health Consortium's festival. 

During Liverpool Pride, writers from the TranScripts project also presented readings from their newest collaborative project TranScripts at the Headpsace Hangar. 

This innovative 8 week writing project was delivered with individuals who identity as transgender with Marjorie Morgan, who’s recently been shortlisted for the prestigious Kenneth Branagh Award.

The performance was a debut for many of the participants, and WoW Project Manager Ciarán Hodgers discusses his passion for this project.

“As a member of the LGBTQI+ community, I know personally how writing and the arts can liberate us from and galvanise us against adversity, so when I witness the exclusion and oppression of trans* individuals and communities I am reminded how we fail our trans* peers when we fail to include them in the privileges our hard-fought equality affords. In fact, I would say that the we undermine our own sense of equality by allowing some to be more equal than others. So when I met Claire and Sarah from Liverpool’s Mental Health Consortium I was passionate to work with them to offer trans* individuals in Liverpool a platform to empower and express themselves as artists.”

Marjorie Morgan told us that she was drawn to the project to have the chance to share the magic of creative writing with more people, and that she was nervously excited to begin the sessions. Marj champions reading widely and making time to write to empower your writing abilities, quoting discipline as the key driver. Her required reading is On Writing by Stephen King and she tells us that you learn by doing, not just thinking about it – so she’s looking forward to getting lots of new pieces created for this project.

Marjorie Morgan is a  freelance writer, journalist and playwright. She has been short-listed for the Kenneth Branagh Drama Writing Award 2018 and currently the Writer-in-Residence for the Independents Biennial. 

Read what the participants think about the course:
What was your main attraction to the TranScripts project?

 To learn about different writing styles and techniques

Because I have never done anything like this before - it is a change for me.

That it was a Trans-specific creative writing project. 

Specifically because it was aimed at the transgender community! It meant that those who might have wanted to try creative writing now have a safe space to try it without any of the potential problems that a more 'mainstream' writing group may pose. Also, it was nice that someone was specifically interested in 'our' voice and how we see and feel about the world.  

How did you feel going into the first TranScripts session?

I felt nervous coming in and meeting new people. I didn't know if I would understand what people would be saying as I have a learning difficulty.

Anxious that everyone else would be a better writer. It's been so nice to find such diverse talent. 

Looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones too.

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. My main reason was to support the project. If someone had taken their time to set it up then then transgender community should back it. Otherwise, future projects won't be considered if it's felt no one is interested. By the way, I'm glad I went! 

What do you want to achieve from the TranScripts project?

To have the confidence to write more than flash fanfiction.

To improve my writing and confidence with reading out loud.

To have more confidence in front of people and not be so nervous - to do things my way without feeling I am doing it wrong

To understand how to write creatively and to be prepared to experiment with thoughts and ideas expressed through words. My prose may not stand up against the literary geniuses of the past or present, but, nevertheless, they are my words, conveyed in my way, and I should be proud of them!

What are your hopes and aspirations once you have finished the TranScripts project?

I hope to have the confidence to write original short stories and aspire to publish those stories too. 

To write more, have more confidence with my writing and reading out loud. 

To continue writing and hopefully getting those stories published. 

To write more!! The project has tapped into something I never really knew was there. With the encouragement I have recieved from Marj and Ciarán, I feel enabled to take things beyond TranScripts and explore my world through words. I would also like to be considered for any additional projects, either as a participant or as a volunteer, and help explain to others the potential each and everyone of us has inside! 

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