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T: 0151 703 0020

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We are delighted to announce that our next Writer on the Bloc, will be award winning writer Kevin Dyer, who will begin a three-week residency on Monday 22nd February.

Bloc Social with Kevin Dyer - What Should We Write About?

What should we write about? Whose story can I write? And why choose to write it as a play rather than a novel or a film script or a poem? Theatre is a very specific narrative form. What does it work for? What are its strengths? Why are some plays just old-fashioned?

The Bloc Social is a space to discuss, as a group, issues and themes within the world of writing. Have your say and join us for this informal, discussion session. 
Book onto Kevin's Bloc Social on 24th February

Bloc Social with Kevin Dyer - Finding the Question
There are so many blogs and books and videos about how to write and how to write better. Let’s, for an hour, turn it back to front and find the important questions for us as writers.

Kevin’s method is as a tool to unlocking problems, either technical ones with plot or story… or for ourselves as human beings. How do we get unstuck when we are stuck? And let’s knock the idea of writer’s block on the head once and for all. This is a session for unlocking things in our work and ourselves. 
Book onto Kevin's Bloc Social on 8th March

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