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T: 0151 703 0020

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Bloc Socials are an opportunity for you to have a conversation with our Writer On The Bloc around a particular question or theme posed to the group. A place to expand creative ideas and overcoming creative issues, this informal conversation is an opportunity to take part in a discussion around wider creative topics and thinking.

Bloc Social: Queering the Page, Mon 30th November, 6pm
There has never been a more important time to take control of our narratives and this is particularly true of the diverse LGBT+ communities. This workshop will explore the relationship between identity and creativity, how we set down our stories in compelling ways, and work to provide a canon of hegemonic queer narratives. Some of the conversation points might include: What do we mean by ‘queer’? Is there a queer narrative that is distinct from a mainstream narrative? Does that exist in form as much as in content? What are its precincts? Is there an explicitly feminist aesthetic founded on morphology, and what might that look like? What did lesbian and gay culture look like throughout the 1970’s-1990’s? What is the role of performance art/ cabaret in creating dominant queer/LGBTQ+ narratives? Book here 

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This has been made possible with support from The National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund, Liverpool City Region Covid-19 Emergency Funding and The Steve Morgan Foundation.