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T: 0151 703 0020

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We are proud and delighted to announce that our next Writer on the Bloc, will be Award Winning Playwright Kevin Dyer, who will begin a three-week residency on Monday 22nd February.

This is an exclusive opportunity to take part in workshops with our Writer on the Bloc Kevin Dyer.

Kevin Dyer Workshop: Structure - 2nd March 7pm
Structure. The big one. The key one. But also, the simple one. What’s this structure thing all about? And why is it essential to the writer and the audience member.

This workshop will include ‘mapping’ some pieces you already know, and looking at different ways of visualising the shape of a piece of writing. We will write a piece starting with structure first.

We will also look at the units of plays – especially ‘the scene’ and how very very very important it is to us theatre writers. The need to understand what one is… and the pitfalls. We will share a little work, and do a brief Q and A.

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Kevin Dyer Workshop: Verbatim Theatre - 10th March 7pm
Writing from truths and real people’s stories. How it works, when it fails. And what is the magic of verbatim theatre.

Kevin is known for making work based on real people’s stories. His play ‘The Bomb’ was based on many meetings with Jo Berry whose dad was killed in the Brighton Bombing and Pat Magee who made and planted the bomb – and later went to jail for the act.

His play ‘The Man Who Left Home is Not the Man Who Came Home’ was created after hundreds of hours of interviews with women whose partners went to war, and with front-line soldiers. His current play ‘The Table Tennis Years’ is based on interviews with dads and sons.

Kevin will talk about the pitfalls and the joys of his process – and we will all have space to write a piece of ‘real’ theatre. There will be some time for Q&A.

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This has been made possible with support from The National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund, Liverpool City Region Covid-19 Emergency Funding and The Steve Morgan Foundation.