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Pulp Idol Novel-Writing Competition

Writing on the Wall has been publishing the first chapters of the finalists in its annual Pulp Idol competition for over ten years, with many of the finalists going on to have their debut novels published, including Ariel Kahn with Raising Sparks (Bluemoose), and James Rice with Alice and the Fly (Hodder and Stoughton).  All finalists get their first chapter published in a book of ‘Firsts’, which is produced in hard copy and also made available in Kindle. It is circulated to agents and publishers and each writer is presented with copies for themselves, their friends and families.
Congratulations Kim Wiltshire, the winner of this year’s Pulp Idol 2020 and Natalie Denny and Lewis Jennings as the runners up. 

Pulp Idol 2019 winners and finalists at the Pulp Idol – Firsts book Launch held in January in Liverpool.

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Pulp Idol is a unique writing competition for novelists. With great success from previous finalists, it’s an inspiring opportunity for writers. Pulp Idol focuses on supporting new original voices and getting them heard. We strive to provide a platform for up-and-coming writers, helping with exposure to new audiences and providing contacts with key publishers and agents.

Pulp Idol Success Stories:
-  Pulp Idol Runner Up Ariel Kahn has released his debut novel, Raising Sparks published by Bluemoose Books in 2018 

-  Clare Coombes has set up the Liverpool Editing Company in 2018

- 2010 Pulp Idol finalist Debbie Morgan had her debut novel ‘Disappearing Home’ published by Tindal Street.  It subsequently spent a week at number one in the Amazon/Kindle download charts. 

- Pulp Idol finalist 2012/13 Jon Gale’s debut novella ‘Albion’ has been published by Salt as an ebook novella.

- 2014 finalist, Michael Taylor has released his debut novel, 40 by 40 in 2015.

- Paul McGuire, finalist published in Pulp idol- Firsts 2014, has gained an agent and publisher.

- 2013/14 Pulp Idol winner, Sarah Tarbit received a bursary from Liverpool’s prestigious Everyman Youth Theatre to develop her work as a stage play.

“The launch of the Pulp Idol Firsts book was a fantastic night to celebrate publication and network with the other writers and industry professionals. Overall, Pulp idol was a fantastic experience which has opened doors - it is a perfect opportunity for emerging writers.”

- 2014 finalist Clare Coombes (nee Doran), called to say her debut novel, ‘Definitions’, which appeared in last year’s Firsts. Definitions was published by Bennion Kearney in 2015 and launched in the Writing on the Wall 2015 festival.

-2010 finalist, John Donoghue has released his debut novel The Death's Head Chess Club. The book has sold to America and is being translated for Norway, Poland, Italy, Greece, China and Brazil. It's an incredible tribute to the success of our Pulp Idol novel writing competition. 

"I really do feel that, to a great extent, I owe this to Pulp Idol. My agent (Carolyn Whitaker from London Independent Books) contacted me after seeing the anthology of the finalists' first chapters. It was she who managed to get me in front of a highly respected editor, Ravi Mirchandani, leading to the subsequent book deal."

- A major success for WoW is in Pulp Idol 2010 winner, James Rice, signing a two-book deal with Hodder and Stoughton for his debut novel Alice and the Fly, which featured in our book of ‘Firsts’ published in 2011.

“Pulp Idol’s fantastic. I am truly indebted to this competition. The publishing industry can too often seem like this faraway, impenetrable place, but the truth is it’s always searching for new writers. Pulp Idol's a great way to make this connection in person. If you're serious about writing, enter.”