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Write to Work & Write for Work

Write to Work 
Write to Work is a course that helps unemployed learners explore a diverse range of writing skills, help you get a job or explore further education or vocational training. 

'I have had some good news recently for my proofreading business - I have been awarded an upgrade in my membership of the Society of Editors and Proofreaders from Intermediate to Professional member - so I am super pleased! and I wanted to say thank you to you and the Write to Work team for all the help and support you gave me in those early days of my self-employment.' - Caroline Barden 

Stephanie Gavan, a previous participant on Write to Work is now embarking on a MA at The Royal College of Art:
'The MA is a 15-month programme that combines workshop models of learning with outward-facing projects in collaboration with arts organizations. It was originally named 'Critical Writing in Art & Design', but it has since become simply 'MA Writing', to encourage more of a multidisciplinary approach. It's quite a particular course, being within an art school, and treats writing as an artistic practice in and of itself, with lots of scope for experimentation. 
When I applied to Write to Work I'd just moved back to the UK after working away for 3 years. Going to the class every week gave me a sense of purpose at a time when I felt otherwise directionless. I knew I wanted to write but doubted my ability and didn't know where to begin. Having assignments and deadlines was useful in pushing me to make a start and become accountable. Through the course, I was able to build up a small body of work which formed the basis of my application portfolio. It gave me the opportunity to form professional relationships with the visiting writers and editors, who have continued to support me by offering feedback and publishing my work (Double Negative, Corridor8). The consistent encouragement from the Write to Work group and the project leaders Ciaran and Lauren gave me permission to take my writing seriously, which was incredibly validating. For me the course acted as a catalyst, giving me the tools and confidence to push myself and seek new opportunities. These efforts have culminated over the past year to put me in the position I am today, and I'm really grateful to Writing on the Wall for providing me with that initial step

Write to Work helps increase your confidence and strengthen your writing abilities with weekly sessions ran by published writers and industry professionals, all offering their personal insights and tips for success. At the end of the programme your work will be presented with a beautiful anthology which will be launched at a public event.

Have you ever wondered how to write for social media or create a successful blog? What about learning to write for the gaming industry or becoming freelance? How do you get into radio or music journalism when you feel you may not have the relevant qualifications? Write to Work is not just your regular writing course and offers support with all of this and more.   

Thanks to Interchange, Nicole Benefer wrote an evaluation on the Write to Work project.

You can read the full report here

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Write for Work 
Write for Work is all about broadening writing skills for those who are currently in work. Writing on the Wall have currently worked with Unite the Union Learning Fund and TUC on expanding this course. 

The programme employs professional writers to deliver sessions on their specific skills, employment backgrounds and essential ideas and tips for future progression. However, the course would be aimed at working professionals, in particular project managers, and so would begin and end with a writing residential. This innovative approach will allow the participants to move away from workplace constraints putting creativity and groupwork at the centre of their learning.


With the success of our first Write for Work project, in partnership with Unite the Union Learning Fund, we were able to expand upon the shared vision of this innovative project, with the second 'Write for Work' course that introduced two writing residential weekends. Over the course ten weeks eleven participants worked with an array of writers and industry professionals, who delivered sessions on their areas of expertise, providing invaluable knowledge. This included award winning Welsh novelist Manon Steffan Ros, Dub Poet and Urban Griot Levi Tafari, The Guardian journalist Lyndsey Hanley and Mike Pinnington, Co-founder of Liverpool’s independent arts and cultural online magazine. 

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