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T: 0151 703 0020

17th November: 'Measuring Up'

Measuring Up
In partnership with The Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse
Funded by The Arts Council
Performance Saturday 17th November
Ev1 2.30pm and 7.30pm
As part of DaDa Fest 2018

Photographs by AB Photography:
1: Stephanie standing on the left, mandy sitting on right leaning forward, with tape measure stretched horizontally in front of her.
 2: Craig playing guitar on left, Mandy kneeling on one knee centre, with Perkins Brailler on table right.
3: The back of Matt left, Mandy sitting at table with Perkins Brailler in front of her and arms stretched out, on right. 

Article by Mandy Redvers-Rowe

Pulp Idol Finalist 2016

Measuring Up started as a small monologue developed years ago when working with a theatre company called New breed. It was me and a tape measure exploring the ways I felt measured as a woman, and physically experimenting with how I might show this. Now fast forward through a small DaDa Fest commission in 2017 for Bluecoat 300, a Unity Theatre scratch earlier this year and a successful Arts Council application in partnership with The Everyman Theatre - and I find myself in a rehearsal room with Director Matt Rutter and fellow performer Stephanie Aindow, working towards something much bigger!            

We started by re-working the original script, Matt was particularly keen to look at the relationship between myself and Stephanie. To take it beyond that of a performer and signer.  He was also interested in finding new ways of working. Other artists involved include Craig Gamble musician and Laura Sparks animator. We’ve discovered a way of creating text and music, with me brailling on an old Perkins Brailler, improvising script and using the heavy thudding sound produced, with the specific emotion behind it to improvise. Me listening to craig, him listening to me, improvising new musical soundscapes. This has also been the impodus for the development of a new piece of animation using braille and text.  

We’re also working with two Access consultants, Ali Brigs and Chloe Phillips, we’re keen that the access is artistically valuable in its own right. That it isn’t utilitarian, but challenging, interesting.

At this stage we’re still just playing. We are hoping that at the Sharing on Saturday 17th November, we’ll get some invaluable feedback from audiences.  Then the team, which also includes producer Harriet Warnock, Dramaturg Paddy Hughes and Assistant Director Charlotte Mcgrey, will try to work out where to go next.