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WoW Work Experience: Blog by Holly Millne

My couple of days working at Writing on the Wall has been an insightful experience as to what working in a small office might be like, as I have never been in one before. The office environment is friendly but quiet, however there are many things that go on outside the office to take part in. For example: one morning I went to Leamington primary school to hand out books of the children’s work, where they had written stories and designed comic strips about super heroes. This is just one of the many project that they do at Writing on the Wall and it was a great experience as I got to see what sort of events go on outside the office and see how much enjoyment the children got out of it as well.

In the office there was always something to be getting on with, such as typing out more stories about super heroes that the children of the primary schools had written and loads of posting on social media, which I have learnt always needs updating when you work for a business. Using Twitter opened my eyes as to how you can promote your events and what you are working on currently. These are some of the things that I will take from my work experience and use later on when I get a job.

Andy Redsmith: Breaking the Lore

WoW sat down with Andy Redsmith who is releasing his novel Breaking the Lore with Canelo in spring next year. Andy was a finalist in Pulp Idol 2017. 

Hi Andy, tell us a little bit about your book! (Or as much as you’re allowed to!)
Breaking the Lore is a fantasy crime comedy. This might not even be a genre – it is now! I have deliberately mixed things up in order to produce something a bit different. It is intended to appeal to people who enjoy well-constructed fantasy that doesn’t always take itself too seriously. Having said that, the draft has been enjoyed by beta readers of all ages, both sexes, and who read a variety of different genres; so I think it has a lot of crossover appeal too.
What brought you to write this book?
I’ve been a Sci Fi fan for as long as I can remember, from early Doctor Who and Star Trek through Asimov and Herbert. I love the idea of strange beings in strange places who still have to deal with the problems we ‘ordinary humans’ do. I also like seeing what happens to ‘ordinary humans’ who find themselves in these strange places. I’ve never seen any reason why you can’t have Fantasy, Sci Fi and ‘real world’ all co-existing. I guess that stems from growing up with Marvel Comics, where they have superheroes, secret agents, mad scientists, magic, vampires and all sorts of other things in the same universe. So, I thought, how do I pull these disparate influences into one story? Can I write a crime fantasy science fiction comedy? Answer: No, I can’t. That’s just too manic. But could I write a fantasy comedy based around a detective story with some sci-fi references? Yes, I thought, I could. So I did.

What is your writing process like?
I wish I could say I sit down to write and wonderful prose simply flows out, but it ain’t like that. I have an overall plan which says ‘start here – end here’, and has specific plot points that I have to hit along the way. Between the plot points I like to go with the flow – within reason. Doing this gives me a bit of freedom to see how things go, but without getting too far off the overall plan. Then, for each chapter, I think of the elements I want to include, work out the order to put them in, determine how to get from one point to another, then put in dialogue and jokes to link things together. It doesn’t sound very creative when I look at it like that. But it works for me! Probably not a process I would recommend to other people.
What drew you to Canelo Publishing House? 
I had a couple of offers, but the people at Canelo were friendly, helpful, open and supportive. I thought “these are people I would like to work with.”
What's next for you? What are you working on now?
I am currently writing the second book in the Inspector Paris series. It follows on from Breaking the Lore, with the same setting and same group of characters, but gets into whole new areas of magic world mayhem.
You were in the Pulp Idol competition. What were your experiences during the competition?
Really good. Having to read out what I’ve written was a bit daunting at first, but definitely worthwhile. I found that the act of reading it to a large group of complete strangers made me more confident in the writing. Plus all the people from WoW were great and made the whole thing run smoothly. 
What book would you recommend sci fi/fantasy writers to read? Why?
One book? Hell’s bells! SFF is such a broad church with so many subgenres that I’d struggle to think of one book that everyone should read. If I really had to pick just one I would probably go for (and I know there’ll be lots of disagreement) The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Class.

Check out Andy's website here 

An Interview with Marcello Di Cintio for WoWFest 2018

We spoke with multi award winning Canadian writer Marcello DI Cintio, ahead of his upcoming in conversation with internationally acclaimed Palestinian poet and writer Mourid Barghouti, which will be a moving and insightful discussion on exile, displacement, belonging and political turmoil. A truly one-of-a-kind event featuring a voice of a generation. In this interview Marcello speaks about his own writing life, what our WOWFEST - Crossing Borders theme means to him and how it relates not only with his upcoming conversation with Mourid Barghouti but also to the world today.

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The Last Word - Available to buy

The Last Word is a wonderful book bringing together poems from the most diverse of people surrounding various themes. WoW worked with young people from  Merseyside Youth Association's Talent Match Scheme on 'The Last Word', a spoken word project. The 12 week project culminated in a performance during WoWFest 2017.

These young artists have clearly demonstrated how their voices and perspectives shed new light on universal experiences, they’re funny, they’re tender, they’re angry, they’re epic and they’re here, in this humble publication for you to read for the first time.

To buy a paperback copy, click below: 

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Writing for Work and Unite the Union

Write for Work is a dynamic initiative that supports you to develop and strengthen your writing skills for the workplace and beyond. With the rise of social media, advancement of technologies and the increasing demand on us to diversify our skillsets, good writing skills have become essential. Individuals and organisations are now required to engage, challenge and share ideas or work through a vast variety of forums and platforms, all the while keeping up with relevant online advancements. Using creative writing techniques and a groupwork methodology, Write for Work has been designed to support already employed learners to upskill and apply new writing techniques to their existing roles. Read the blog below written by Billy Butterworth

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Liverpool Memories

Writing on the Wall helped Thomas Kendrick publish his memoir, Liverpool Memories 1925-1975. We published the book in time for Christmas, so all the family could get a copy. The first 100 copies disappeared, so we went straight for a reprint and had a book launch at Waterstones Liverpool in early 2014.  

We had a great afternoon, Thomas sold a lot of books and even met up again with the woman who insisted he write it after she met him on a train and heard all his stories. 

This is the story of the first fifty years of my life. Many people wonder what life was really like back then, so here it is, from childhood, to my service in the navy, my career in butchery and electronics, through marriage, children, love and loss, with some tears but also many laughs along the way.

To buy the paperback copy, click below: