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Janet Street-Porter - A Class Act

Media personality, journalist and broadcaster, Janet Street Porter ranted about the rich, the public school elite, and discussed why class still matters in Britain today.

"We don’t talk about class anymore. Not like we used to. To admit to being working class has become a badge of shame, almost like admitting you're poor, or ‘non-aspirational’. You see, we’re all middle class now aren’t we? Unless of course you happen to be amongst the top 10%, whose wealth is now 100 times greater than the bottom 10%. But what’s wrong with that; haven’t they earned their wealth? And anyway, leaving aside the monarchy, don’t we live in an equal society where we all end up in our rightful place based purely on our hard work and merits alone?"

Review from Catalyst Media:

'The talk and questions lasted about an hour and a half and she got a good response from the audience. Before I heard Janet speak I guess my views were of a very loud, opinionated woman. After her talk I was amazed that I could relate to a lot of what she said. I found her very pleasant, clever and have had to fight to get on in a man’s world. As they say don’t judge a book by its cover!!!'

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