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Where are we now?


Writing on the Wall, Liverpool’s longest running writing & literary organisation, delivered the 20th annual festival programme: WoWFEST 2019 – Where Are We Now? ft.Jo Brand, Mike Leigh, Will Self, Munroe Bergdorf, Peter Tatchell, Billy Bragg, Ben Okri, Kit De Waal, Helen Pankhurst, Jennifer MakumbiDina Nayeri, Cheryl Martin, Tony Platt, Phil Scraton, Lynsey Hanley, Laura Waddell, Bahriye Kemal, Paul Scraton, Gary Budden, Kerry Hudson, Dave Ward, James Meek, Ros Wynne Jones, Costas Lapavitsas, Anita Sethi and Jess Green. 

WoWFEST19 ended on 30th May with Celeste Bell and Zoë Howe at the British Music Experience for an event dedicated to punk icon Poly Styrene. This year we have held over 60 events throughout May. We’ve had a fantastic time bringing some of the best writers, spoken word artists, poets, journalists, commentators, activists to Liverpool, including Billy Bragg,Will SelfJo BrandMike LeighPeter Tatchell and Helen Pankhurst. From Catalonia to Tehran, Brexit to Grime,  the Environmental Crisis to Queer Are We Now?, we hope we’ve achieved our aim of delivering one of the best writing and literary festivals in the UK. Keep in touch and look out for more projects and events coming your way soon. Thanks to you all our guests, our audiences, our volunteers, our partners -  The Women's Org, Clear Lines Festival, Comma Press, Visiting Arts, ICSL, Central Library, University of Liverpool, LAAF, Unity Theatre, Radisson Blu, Hope Street Hotel, Waterstones; and to our sponsors – Edge Hill University ICE, ACE, City Council and The Granada Foundation – we couldn't have done it without you!

Some audience responses to WoWFEST19...


Previous WoWFest guests:

There isn't another writing festival in England as good as Writing on the Wall Irvine Welsh

WoWFest is amplifying a the voices that need to be heard. They aim to empower and connect the writer with the audience is which is where the ideas can be explored face to face. This is how it should be! - Stephen James Smith 

The WoW festival is always brilliant, inspiring and thought-provoking. Every year there is a wealth of debate, discussion, celebration and exploration of the issues of the day. It's always varied and interesting - and brilliantly organised. - Bidisha

The mix of different writers, events and other activities, all rooted in the community of Liverpool, is what makes WoWFest such a fantastic festival to be part of. The conversations we had both during the event and in the pub afterwards will live long in the memory. Thanks to the whole team for everything they do, both during the festival and throughout the year. Liverpool and literature are all the richer because of it. - Paul Scraton 

After attending for my first time this year, WoW has fast found its place as one of my favourite ever festivals - its as engaging and entertaining as it is crucial - Yomi Adegoke

A stimulating, radical, accessible ideas space which doesn't take itself too seriously. WoWFest is a great event which I'm so pleased to be part of. - Kate Evans

It was such an honour to be part of WoWFest18. It is a truly diverse festival run brilliantly by a team that is so clearly passionate about making connections between writers and readers from all kinds of backgrounds without exception. Many other literary festivals could learn a thing or two from WoWFest! I'd love to be involved again if they'll have me. - Sharon Dougal