Darcus Howe – Black foot on the Backfoot?

Darcus HoweIn this Rebel Rant, Darcus Howe challenged us to confront issues of race in Britain today, and explore ways in which all communities can flourish. He argued that despite gains made following the inner city uprisings of the 1980s and the publication of the Macpherson Report, in many ways Britain has changed for the worse for black communities. To support his position, Darcus charted the return of police stop-and-search tactics, the drift of young black men into violence, increasing hostility towards immigrants and Muslims, and the establishment’s accommodation of the fascist BNP party.
Best known for his Channel 4 series, Devil’s Advocate, Darcus Howe is a journalist and broadcaster who regularly contributes to The Voice and New Statesman. His film, What’s Killing Darcus Howe?, is an attempt to raise awareness of prostate cancer among young black men.

Darcus Howe at WoW

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