‘Writing on the Wall…a rare beast - a festival fuelled by pure, righteous anger.’ Huw Davies, The Guardian, May 2nd 2009
'As well as attracting great names in literature the Writing on the Wall Festival has been tremendously successful in reaching out to local communities...many of our arts and culture groups could learn from the WoW team by having the courage to actively engage in communities instead of just holding events in the city centre.  WoW has had the foresight and the guts to hold events in some of our most deprived areas, thereby attracting people who traditionally would never think of attending writing workshops.' Laurence Westgaph, Liverpool Echo, May 14th 2007
‘An award winning festival that does more than just dares to be different. Pioneering in its field and unique in its style.’ Art in Liverpool, April 4th 2010
‘Writing on the Wall isn't your garden variety lit fest with the same crop of authors doggedly promoting their way around the UK. It's slightly left of centre, favouring war reporters over best-selling novelists. But it's a good fit for its homecity.’ Kate Feld, The Metro, May 2008
‘It felt less like a history lesson, rather more like an evening at home with two wonderful raconteurs. A hugely entertaining, and inspiring, show.’ Jade Wright, Liverpool Echo, May 21st 2008 – Tony Benn & Roy Bailey – The Writing on the Wall