The Writing Bloc:

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The Writing Bloc is an initiative of Writing on the Wall to develop a unique centre dedicated to writing. We are working with our partners, Croxteth Communiversity, to launch the Bloc in late 2012. The Writing Bloc will provide a dedicated space for writers; a space to write, develop and share their work, through workshop, performance and publication. It will also support the work of the Creative Academy, being developed by Croxteth Communiversity, within which it will be based, to develop a community of writers, artists and performers, and will develop and share projects with the other organisations based within the Academy; developing a sense of community through collaborative work. The Writing Bloc represents an exciting and bold step forward in our strategy of using creativity and social intervention to support the development of new work and create a lasting legacy for celebration by individuals and their community.  We believe Writing on the Wall’s projects have revealed the potential for The Writing Bloc. They have demonstrated there is significant interest in projects and activities in which writing is foregrounded as a key activity through which people can find creative expression.
Croxteth Communiversity
Croxteth Communiversity is a Lifelong Learning Centre with a strong reputation as a quality education provider and community resource. The Communiversity is owned and managed by the Alt Valley Community Trust. The Trust's goal is to create an appropriate and attractive centre for people to learn, and through its members, offer individuals a chance to get involved with both their own education and to contribute towards projects and developments at the centre. Through educational alliances, the Trust aims to provide a voice for communities through the delivery of life-long learning in the area.
The ‘Creative Academy’, within which The Writing Bloc will be housed, is a new initiative being developed by the Trust on the site of the Redemptoristine Convent which the Trust is in the process of converting. The Writing Bloc will be one of a number of organisations that will be based in the Creative Academy.
The Writing Bloc in Action
The Writing Bloc will occupy two floors in one wing of the Creative Academy. The top floor will be a unique, dedicated space for writers. For many working-class people space is at a premium, and the ‘writing garret’ is little more than a dream. Creative writing often requires a sustained, private period of dedicated work. The lack of a ‘room of one’s own’ is often cited as a reason for being unable to focus on the work in hand. It is one reason why virtually all writing courses in colleges and universities across the world offer writing residentials and see them as a key part of the development of a writer. In The Writing Bloc we will be able to offer four dedicated writing studios (three single and one double, for collaborative working). These will be made available in a variety of ways; short time slots for writers who need a place for a couple of hours after work, or weekends, regular lets for writers working on long-term projects, single use for a lengthy period of time, made available to visiting writers, or even, for example, offered as prizes in writing competitions. These rooms will be comfortable, adequately resourced with wireless internet access, etc., but most of all will be private, allowing writers the time to focus on the work they wish to complete.
The ground floor will be open plan, providing a flexible space to support a variety of writing and other creative activities, including: teaching, workshops, readings, group-writing for scripts and festival events. This too will be resourced in such a way as to be flexible and provide support for activities relevant to all age groups.
Examples of what could be offered:
The above list is far from conclusive, as it is expected that the programmes and projects would be developed by those using the Bloc, in conjunction with the workers, volunteers and trustees.
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This project is no longer running. Stay in touch to find out more about similar projects coming up with WoW.