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The Play's the Thing

The Play’s The Thing: A free Ten-week play writing course led by playwright and Grin Theatre’s Artistic Director Kiefer Wesley Williams.

Writing on the Wall in Partnership with Grin Theatre Company, with support from Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre, are launching a ten-week play writing course which will take participants through the process of creating a play from initial conception to realisation.

Sessions will take place at the Everyman Theatre, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BH.
Writers will each work towards producing by the end of the course a thirty-minute script; the best of which will be performed in full by Grin Theatre Company.
At the end of the course all writers will be able to take part in a showcase of their work in front of an audience.
The course will look at inspiration, story-boarding, characterisation, stagecraft, plotting etc., designed to develop a full tool-kit you will be able to take forward for developing you work in the future.

The ten sessions will be practical by nature and each last for two hours. Full support will be given throughout, with plenty of time for discussing and sharing your work with other course participants and the course leader.
The sessions will be presented and led by Kiefer Wesley Williams - Artistic Director at Grin Theatre Company.
The course will be delivered in two blocks of five two-hour sessions; the first five are designed to introduce various concepts and methods, the second five sessions will be devoted to writers developing their own ideas and thirty-minute play.

Below is the proposed outline for the course:
1.       Inspirations – looking at what inspiration means to the writer and how to draw inspiration from life and other conceptual forms. Imagination workshop. What’s your story?
2.       The playwrights tool-kit, making a start and the form of the play
3.       Playing with idea’s – role playing, and creating “real dialogue” and real situations. Some homework to create a duologue for next session.
4.       Continuation from last session- discovery and sharing.
5.       Characterisation.
6.       The structures of a play – levels, editing, format, relevance and voice. Getting ready to write your script. Some homework to start plotting your storyboard
7.       Storyboarding – discovery and sharing – homework – start writing your script
8.       Scripts – feedback, self - evaluation – going back to the drawing board and drafting.
9.       Hearing your character’s voice through reading scripts – feedback.
10.   Script read through, feedback and sharing. Course evaluation and personal action plan – entry to Grin Theatre for possible performance
 Kiefer Wesley Williams is the managing artistic director for Grin Theatre Company, which is Liverpool’s first LGBTQ fringe theatre company. With over 25 years’ experience in further and higher education (drama, English and creative writing) he now spends his time developing Grin with an energetic team of fellow creatives. Kiefer (whose pen name is Wes Williams) has written several plays for the stage and also written two collections of short stories. He is a drama practitioner and leads on monthly acting workshop. He also runs writer’s workshops in the city and is currently developing a new LGBTQ writing group.

Application Deadline: Midnight Sunday 4th September.
Successful applicants notified by midnight 7th September.
Course begins at 6pm Wednesday 14th September, The Everyman Theatre, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BH.
Applications for the course must be sent by email to Kiefer Williams: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by midnight on Sunday 4th September (No applications will be considered after this time). 
Please include the following in your email subject header, so we know it is an application:
The Play’s The Thing Application
You must include the following in the body of your email (No attachments please):
Full Name (not your pen name):
Contact telephone number:
Experience i.e. have you written or had plays performed in any way at all (experienced playwrights will not necessarily be ineligible, but we do want to ensure a fair balance of participants as the course is designed primarily for beginners).
Why do you want to take part in the course? (Fifty words maximum):
There are a maximum of twelve places available. Successful applicants will be notified by Midnight on Wednesday 7th September.
By applying for place on the course you are committing yourself to taking part in all the formal sessions, agreeing to take part in the final showcase, and that Grin theatre will be able to perform, if selected, your thirty-minute play. You are also committing to do the work necessary outside of the formal sessions to be able to complete the work required for the course.
If you are unsuccessful you will be eligible to apply for future courses.

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