T: 0151 703 0020

T: 0151 703 0020

What's Your Pride Story? Book Launch

26th July 7pm Studio 2
Parr Street, Liverpool, L1
Free Entry
Helen says:“We started with the theme of 'What's Your Pride Story?', so a lot of the writing is about people's experiences of being LGBT+ in Liverpool, but everyone has their own take on the subject and their own unique voice. The book is packed with very varied writing - it's really fresh and original. There are stories about partying, friendship, sadness and disaster; poems about everything from a flood in the library to trans pride. Where else will you read about an ostrich riding on a rainbow surfboard across the Mersey?”

Writing on the Wall are also excited to announce that Liverpool born poet, Gerry Potter, will be reading some of his own work and sharing his experiences of being LGBT in Liverpool at the Launch. Gerry is currently touring his new book, he describes this one as his genre defying opus, the fifth of hopefully ten volumes of autobiographical theatre verse, then he promises never to write again! A favourite son of both Manchester and his home town Liverpool Gerry has also been wowing audiences nationally with his own unique brand of domestic-fantastic free verse. Gerry has a reputation for putting his Scouse voice on the line in his soaring sing-song accent, strong on poetry and strong on the causes of poetry. Creator and destroyer of the infamous gingham diva Chloe Poems. Chloe was a cabaret and literary stalwart and raver some years ago on the London and national scene. Gerry's new work is very different to his alter ego though no less passionate. Performance meets theatre, meets poetry and rhythm, creating a blistering sound-scape of experience and entertainment. Gerry is also an actor, playwright and workshop leader. 


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