T: 0151 703 0020

T: 0151 703 0020

What's Your Story? Kinship Carers Celebration Event

Every Wednesday morning for ten weeks, four women came together to tell their story. These women are four Grandmothers who through different circumstances are caring for their Grandchildren. Author, Deborah Morgan, guided these women into creating written pieces reflecting their tales.Debbie was very close with her Grandmother and was deeply inspired by the stories told throughout the sessions. The group cried and laughed together, talking of what happened and what was to come. 

At the end of the ten weeks it was time to collate all their work together and create their first publication – What’s Your Story? Kinship Carers. For some this has been a dream since they were young, others it was a new and exciting step. As a group they formatted their book to exactly how they wanted it, the artwork went back and forth until they were completely satisfied with how they were being represented. It was important for it to stand out and reflect what they had to say. These books are filled with poetry, letters, photographs, artwork and a message. A message for change and to be heard. This is the first time something like this has ever been published, true feelings about the justice system and their experiences with Social Services. Their aim is to support other Kinship Carers by giving them insight, guidance and inspiration.

On the 18th September Marjorie, Bernadette, Kathy and Julie were presented with the books at their very own book launch. The night was hosted by Writing on the Wall and the group were interviewed by Debbie Morgan in front of an audience. The room was filled with family and friends but also councillors and judges who asked questions and responded to how the book affected them. It was a lovely evening full of emotions and honesty. The Grandmothers were bombarded with book signings and photographs.“I feel like a celebrity, about TIME too!” Shouted Marjorie as she held up her flowers to the camera. 

When meeting with the group two weeks later they were still overwhelmed with the response and couldn't wait for what was to come next. Every Wednesday morning, they still come together to tell their story.
The book is available to buy online at Barnes & NobleiTunes and Amazon. If you would like to buy a hard copy from us, please call 0151 703 0020 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request. 

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