T: 0151 703 0020

T: 0151 703 0020


‘Wonderful! Fantastic atmosphere, great venue, fabulous, helpful volunteers. Thank you!’ Audience Member - Rioting on the Wall
‘Was a top night! And an amazing thought-provoking, heart-felt day! WoW indeed.’ Audience Member - The Rebel’s Ball
‘Speaker brilliant, subjects of compelling interest. Congratulations to WoW.’ Audience Member - Gentleman! George Monbiot’s Left Hook
‘Excellent and inspiring (both speakers). More of Tony Wailey please.’ Audience Member - Working Class Heroes
‘The production of this event was first class. Very nice surroundings. Relaxed and ideal.’ Audience Member - Working Class Heroes
‘Superb – Three Writers – Fabulous discussions, explanation, feedback, etc.’ Audience Member - Under Pressure
‘Robust debate. Interesting ideas. Bravo!’ Audience Member - Regeneration or Ruination
‘Excellent speakers and discussion.’ Audience Member - Big Society
‘Interesting, fun, exciting, humorous. Thanks.’ Audience Member - Saints and Sinners
‘Beautiful – Quality of the speakers was absolutely outstanding.’ Audience Member - Voice Recognition
‘Amazing, touching, moving, real, raw. Thanks!’ Audience Member - Voice Recognition
‘Brilliant and enlightening.’ Audience Member - General Strike
‘Very good. Informative. More! More!’ Audience Member - Séanna Walsh
‘I really loved the opportunity to see something like this locally.’ Audience Member - A L Kennedy
‘I loved the informality of the layout and more importantly the passion of A L Kennedy’s speech. This festival always brings Liverpool brilliant writers. I can never see enough events but this year Bonnie Greer and A L Kennedy – as different as they are – both proved that writers can be amazing speakers and can leave new audiences too stunned to say much – a rarity in this town!’ Audience Member - A L Kennedy
‘The event was fantastic. The poets complimented each other really well. It was a great mix of music, poetry, humour and food-for-thought.’ Audience Member - Benjamin Zephaniah & Friends
  ‘The WoW Festival reaches audiences that other festivals cannot reach.’ Audience Member
‘I have been to many events during the festival and each one has been wonderfully inspiring. Keep up the good work!’ Audience Member
The quotes below are anonymous and come from respondents to a survey offered to its mailing list by WoW in Jan 2012.
‘The festival is an excellent, diverse and exciting festival.’ Audience Member
‘It is one of the most important festivals offered to Merseyside people. All events are well thought out and organized to a high standard, meeting the needs of Liverpool people. This festival gives opportunities to our community which we would not have otherwise. This festival is for the people run by our people. Long may the WOW run in Liverpool, we have a festival to be proud of.’ Audience Member
Writing on the Wall‘I have to say that the staff/volunteers involved in delivering WOW do a fantastic job. I have gotten to know the same friendly faces from one event to another and think you all demonstrate your commitment and belief in the importance of delivering these events. Onwards and upwards!’ Audience Member
 ‘WOW is a highlight of the Liverpool Cultural year.’ Audience Member
‘WoW is one of the few genuinely radical literature events. It is inclusive and anti-elitist. All power to its elbows!’ Audience Member
‘Even though there is an economic crisis, it is important to hang on to festivals and projects for people need something to be involved with.’ Audience Member

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Writing on the Wall believe in creativity, community, diversity, artistic excellence and social and economic justice. We are Liverpool’s longest-running writing and literary organisation and festival. We celebrate and inspire creativity and writing in all its forms through inquiry, debate, performance and publishing. Our annual WoWFest brings together local audiences with the best local, national and international writers, artists and social commentators.