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In 2013 Writing on the Wall worked in collaboration with The Liverpool Mental Health Consortium. We commissioned performer and writer Clare Shaw to work with the group. Clare has been published in several national journals and newspapers and was awarded High Commended in the Forward Prize 2006. As well as a popular performer, she is also a self-harm trainer and consultant, working independently and in partnership to enable services to respond helpfully to people who self-harm.
The What's Your Story? writers performed on World Mental Health Day at Liverpool Central Library and were presented with a published book of their work. The evening was truly moving, with heartfelt stories from the group. In this book these writers take the reader on a journey that is deeply personal, emotional and uplifting in equal measure. 
Since taking part in the writing course, the participants continue to meet as a group and write their stories under the name ‘Rainbow Writers’ and have performed throughout the year for events and conferences. We have also collaborated with the Liverpool Mental Health Consortium this year for a unique competition, but you’ve got to wait till later next week to find out about that. 
“The course greatly exceeded my expectations. The tutor was inspiring and helped install a very supportive and attentive atmosphere within the group in a very short period of time. Being open about her own experience of the psychiatric system was helpful I’m sure with encouraging group members like myself to follow suit. That said, my abiding memories of the course was laughter rather than tears. The creative energy was great, so much so that when the suggestion to perform some of our work we all shared a resolve to give it a go. We also had an anthology of our collected work made. It makes for a lovely memento.
Post course, I was one of the group who was interesting in continuing to meet up and write together. Without the structure and support of the course the stuff we did took a different form. We went to some shows, films and the pub far more than we wrote. We were supported in this by a grant from the consortium that covered our expenses (excluding alcohol) We also told our story of the group last summer at an international conference no less. We had help with this from a tutor who helped us frame a drama performance and a workshop that 30plus conference delegates attended. For this we needed to find a catchy name. We called ourselves the Rainbow Writers. We liked the visual metaphor of a colourful arc that had a rainbow at the end of it- we felt it suited our groups collective journey pretty well.”
Richard Adamson 

If you, or anyone you know is suffering with any form of Mental Health get in touch with the Liverpool Mental Health Consortium. The Consortium offers valuable opportunities for those who have experienced mental distress to develop a collective voice about their experiences, share opinions and insights in an informal and friendly atmosphere, and influence the planning, delivery and evaluation of mental health services. You can get in touch with them on 0151 707 8799 or through their website
If you would like to have your organisation partner with Writing on the Wall to deliver a writing project, get in touch with us on 10151 703 0020 or email 

What's Your Story? Liverpool Mental Health Consortium is available from Writing on the Wall. Just call 0151 703 0020 or email and order yours. 

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