What's Your Story?

This What’s Your Story? project aimed at unemployed adults and young people who were looking to gain writing experience and expand their knowledge in a range of creative writing formats. Over 24 weeks the course was led by Sarah MacLennan, Mandy Coe, Curtis Watt, Maurice Bessman, and Colin Watts who all individually took the group on a journey through prose writing, poetry, performance poetry and script writing. 
Although new for some of them, the whole group read wonderfully at their showcase event that took place as part of the Writing on the Wall 2015 Festival. As a group they have arranged to keep meeting regularly to keep up with each other’s work and share their ideas.
Janelle Story, What’s Your Story? participant
"It has been over six months and a new confidence has fuelled me. No, I don’t think I'm the most eloquent, brilliant writer-mind to emerge from society (yet). But thanks to What’s Your Story?, I'm now keen to share everything I write, no matter how rough or random, and eager for feedback to continually improve my skills. I used to put so much pressure on myself, believing I had to be perfect the first time around. I have now found the sheer beauty in making mistakes and learning from them; watching something clumsy and confusing evolve into a fluid and engaging story." Read Janelle's full blog post here 

The book is now available electronically on Amazon Kindle, Get your copy here
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Thank you to Sarah MacLennan, Mandy Coe, Curtis Watt, Maurice Bessman, Colin Watts, the Central Library and of course our talented writers. 

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