Black History Month: Great War to Race Riots Book Launch

Friday 20th October 
Time: 6.30pm
Toxteth Library, Windsor St, Liverpool, L8 1XF
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Join us for the launch of WoW’s latest book, Great War to Race Riots, the story of a unique archive of letters and documents from 1919-1920 which highlight the plight of black seafarers, soldiers and workers who supported the ‘mother country’ during the WW1. The archive contains the words of the men themselves in letters to Liverpool’s Lord Mayor, which were written against the back-drop of institutionalised racism, competition for jobs, and racial tensions which exploded into rioting on the streets of Liverpool in 1919. Great War to Race Riots, written by WoW’s Co-Director, Madeline Heneghan and local author, Emy Onuora (Pitch Black), is the culmination of in-depth research conducted by the Heritage Lottery funded Great War to Race Riots Archive Group. This dedicated team devoted their time and energies to uncovering the lost voices of these men who helped to shape Liverpool’s black community and contributed to Britain’s development.

This event also marks the launch of WoW’s first ever Black History Month Festival. Join us for a glass of wine or two, great music and lively discussion.

WoW would like to thank Joe Farrag, who brought the Archive to us and the Great War to Race Riots Group; Janaya Picket, Janet Johnson, Catherine Leen, Margaret Millne, Marmura Nyirenda, Rose Thomas, Sharon Lane, Suzanne Morris and Vicki Caren. The great War to Race Riots Archive group would like thanks the descendants of Robert Bynoe, Archibald Lyttle and Hubert Lewis for their support in the research process.

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