New What's Your Story?

Are you currently unemployed? Do you have an interest in writing and a story to tell? Would you like to enhance your skills? If the answer is yes, then read on…
Writing on the Wall are thrilled to announce that we’re launching a new and exciting What’s Your Story? course beginning this September which will be specifically aimed towards unemployed people who want to improve their skills. The course will cover a range of written genres including short stories, novel writing, script writing, poetry and writing for children. Course participants will be taught and supported by some of the finest local writers in the area. All for free!
Interested but need some more inspiration? Just think, before J.K Rowling reached multi-billionaire status following the Harry Potter book series, in her own words she was ‘jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless.’
Could you be the next J.K Rowling superstar? Then get in touch and let the world know your story.
To join, please contact us by email via or call us on 0151 703 0020

Mental Health & Me

Literature’s love affair with the mind is an age-old tradition where creativity has always been closely entwined with mental distress, yet the subject of mental health is still widely considered a taboo subject. We hope that this competition will challenge the stigma around mental distress and promote social inclusion by giving entrants the opportunity to explore this topic using traditional and/or alternative forms of writing.

Has mental distress affected you or someone close to you? Are you particularly interested in the subject of mental health?  Are you a carer or have you worked with people suffering from mental distress and want to share your experience? If the answer’s yes, we’d love to hear from you!

Liverpool’s Mental Health Consortium in partnership with Writing on the Wall, is launching a writing competition to mark World Mental Health Day on Friday, 10th October 2014. We are inviting you to send us an original written response under the theme of ‘Mental Health and Me.’ You can send us a poem, a short story, a diary piece or a blog post, a letter, a piece of journalism or even a tweet, yes – a tweet!


Literature is no one’s private ground; literature is common ground; let us trespass freely and fearlessly and find our own way for ourselves– Virginia Woolf

One in four people, like me, have a mental health problem. Many more people have a problem with that. - Stephen Fry

For further information or if you have any queries, please contact or ring
Writing on the Wall on 0151 703 0020.
Alternatively, you can email or ring
Liverpool Mental Health Consortium on 0151 237 2688 

Writing on the Wall maintains a strong partnership with Liverpool Mental Health Consortium. We have worked together to deliver a What’s Your Story? project with LMHC targeted towards service users which was led by poet and writer, Clare Shaw. Click here for more details. 


Children's Writing Competition

Writing on the Wall's Make Doves Not War! in this centenary year for the 1914 First World War, is commemorating those who died in the struggle for peace through a creative campaign based around the slogan 'Make Doves Not War'. The symbol of the Dove has been used in many countries to signify the desire for peace and an end to war & conflict.
The project is designed to raise knowledge and understanding of the cause and consequences of the First World War, commemorate those on all sides who died during the conflict, and promote the cause of peace and understanding of other races and cultures, and celebrate diversity among young and old. 

The Liverpool Virtual Book Fair

Saturday 19th July. Central Library, 4th Floor, William Brown Street, Liverpool

Writing on the Wall brings you Liverpool's first Virtual Book Fair as part our city's International Festival of Business. We will be introducing an exciting selection of writers and publishers who work across a range of platforms in publishing, self-publishing and digital publishing.
Taking place in the stunning atrium of Liverpool's Central Library, Writing on the Wall will host a day of interactive, hands-on readings, discussion and interactions with those at the top of their games in publishing.
With an introduction by Downtown in Business Director, Frank Mckenna, The Virtual Book Fair will explore business models of online publishing and encompass publishing powerhouses such as Anna Rafferty, whose innovation during her time as managing director of Penguin Digital showed different ways of marketing books to a fast-paced population, and Linda Bennett, director and editor of Crime at Salt Publishing, who will speak about the ways authors today can put themselves on the literary map.
Jim Hinks of Comma Press will be introducing his app LitNav. From your fingertips you can read and travel the world via their collection of short stories. Designed with commuters in mind, these bite-sized gems will take you on the alternative route. Liverpool to Venice to Zurich, where do you want to go next?
Beth Reekles wrote her first novel aged 15 which she self-published on Watt Pad, after it received 19 million views; she signed a three book deal with Random House. Liverpool's Virtual Book Fair is delighted to introduce Beth Reekles to the stage to discuss her self-published success and the impact that self-published authors are having on the way we read now.
Also included:
  • Twitter haiku - writing competition
  • Live station of new, interactive novels for virtual readers
  • Webinars streamed from digital publishers across the globe
  • Kids Dome - Interactive Storytelling pod
Come down the Writing on the Wall's Virtual Book Fair as part of the Culture programme for the International Festival of Business.

For the full programme, please click here.

Everyone who attends will be entered into a draw for special prizes - including a Kindle! 

All for free! 


Pulp Idol Final 2014

Well done to all our Pulp Idol 2014 finalists! Look out for all their published work in 'Pulp Idol Firsts' later this year.

Congratulations to our winner, Craig Whittle and runner up, Rob Knipe

Thank you to our fantastic judges Tom Witcomb, Alex Christofi and Caroline Smailes, all our finalists, The Siren Cafe and our Pulp Idol organiser and host, Abi Inglis.

WoW Fest 2014

What a fantastic festival we have had this year! It’s hard to believe that after thirty-six outstanding events throughout May, we have now come to the end of WoWFest 2014. Here at the Writing on the Wall office, we have been sharing some of our favourite memories of the festival. ShellShock couldn't have been launched in a more magnificent way as we commemorated the centenary of the First World War by inviting school children to the Bluecoat and then released ten white doves into the sky in call for peace.

It’s safe to say we were all equally charmed by Phill Jupitus and Tim Wells during a night of ping-pong poetry with some classic titles such as ‘The Horror of Your Daughter’s New Boyfriend Turning Up Wearing Green Suede Cuban Heels.’ We were taught some essential life lessons by Funny Girl, Liz Carr during a night of comedy when she showed us how to do the ‘ugly smile’ which she reserves especially for anyone who could be considered a bit of an ignoramus.  In true WoW fashion, the festival was filled with debate and discussion and offered a platform for our audiences to express their views. At times we where edged into fierce debate, particuarly when Owen Jones took to the stage in a rebel rant to protest against austerity and the oppression of the working class. Seumas Milne remembered the Miner’s Strike during this 30th anniversary year and Danny Morrison, Kevin Higgins and Tim Brannigan debated the shifts in Irish politics.

There were moments when we where moved, most clearly when Janet Alder told us the heart-breaking story of how her brother Christopher was unlawfully killed in police custody, leading to a well deserved standing ovation from the audience. We proudly showcased the work achieved so far on The George Garrett Archive Project with the debut of the fantastic installation designed by JMU students as well as the archive displayed at Central Library. We were treated to a brilliant rehearsed reading of George Garrett’s first play Two Tides at the Unity Theatre bagging an impressive four star review after only two day’s rehearsal! And of course, we celebrated the work of our own very talented Young Writer’s from Word Up on Light Night on the roof top of Central Library with some brilliant performances from the group accompanied by a great DJ set from DJ Vinny  which brought a cool, New York City vibe to Liverpool.

WoW Fest 2014: 'ShellShock'


Full festival line up announced! 36 events in Liverpool throughout the whole of May! 
Writing on the Wall bring some of our best writers, artists and commentators – Irvine WelshOwen JonesLiz CarrSeumas MilneHelen WalshPhill JupitusLuke HardingMarai LarasiLevi Tafari and Niall Griffiths – to explore old soldiers and campaigners, modern day conflicts, war abroad and, thirty years on from The Miners Strike, The Enemy Within.

Join Writing on the Wall for a month of Flash Fiction, writing competitions, poetry, new work from local writers, readings and rants on international issues and local art and culture. 

Words over bullets, bombast instead of bombs, debating the death of the brave and their legacy – how we went from a Land fit for Heroes to living on Benefits Street. Writing on the Wall presents ShellShock, a festival to celebrate and commemorate, exploring the centenary of the First World War; those who served, and those, like George Garrett, who wrote.





Blackdrop In The Pool

Blackdrop In The Pool - Open Mic Night 

FRIDAY 30th MAY, 9pm
FREE EVENT at The Baltic Social 


In Partnership with Soul Inspired Events

Are you a spoken word artists or a poet? Come down and have your voice heard! 
Nottingham based Blackdrop, characterized by high energy performance and music has gained a strong following of artists in the North West. This year, they’re bringing their energy to Liverpool, where audience members can get up and have a go on the mic alongside featured artists. Blackdrop are; Michelle Mother Hubbard, Milla the Urban Drummer, Saraa Rain, Danielle Soul, Sharon Hanna. Also featuring Liverpool's Curtis Watt, AKA C0. 
Music performances from Jamie Broad and Amique


Top Boy: Ronan Bennett


Top Boy - Ronan Bennett 
Thursday 29th May
7.30pm at Frederiks. 

Get your tickets here 

Ronan Bennett, Irish born writer of Channel 4's controversial Top Boy series, discusses his dramatic past as a terrorist suspect and the inspiration behind his hugely successful TV series. 


Ronan Bennett, Northern-Irish born writer now living in London has surprised many critics with his script for the controversial hit Channel 4 TV series, Top Boy starring Ashley Walters. Some may find it a little strange that Ronan, as a white, Irish writer has chosen to write about and represent East London’s inner city drug and gang culture with a mainly all black cast. Ronan explains the inspiration for Top Boy. Find out more here... 

Liz Carr

Get your ticket here 

Writing on the Wall are delighted to announce one of our headline acts for our 2014 Festival  - British actor (Silent Witness), stand-up comedian, broadcaster and international disability rights activist – Liz Carr. Liz’s brand of comedy can be unexpected and shocking - she ‘tells it like it is.’ Breaking down stereotypes with sharp observations and comedy that will crack you up; this is one you will not want to miss. Liz will be joined on stage by a host of local funny girls. Tickets on sale now!


Phill Jupitus aka Porky the Poet and Tim Wells: Proletariat Poetry From Two Stout Lads



Never Mind the Buzzcocks star Phill Jupitus aka, Porky the Poet will be joining Tim Wells, ‘hard-giggling’ poet of ‘wit and brilliance’ (The Guardian) for a comedy filled poetry evening. Expect wild anarchy and utter hilarity. 
Preshow discounts on meals for ticket holders.
When? Saturday 10th May 
Where? The BalticSocial 
What time? 7:30pm 
How can I get tickets? Get your tickets here

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