Word Up

Liverpool Young Writers was launched by Writing on the Wall in 2007. Since then, the members of the group, performing as ‘THE CIPHER’ have lyrically taken their performance to the next level. The group performed with UK number one artists including Sway, Skinnyman, Bashy, Ed Sheeran, LowKey, Miss Bratz and Akala. This group was a beacon of WoW’s support for the latest forms of contemporary literary expression. LYW uses poetry, lyrics, rap and spoken word artistry and prose, to enable young people aged 11 - 19 to develop a voice and an outlet for their latent creativity.
In early 2014 WoW re-launched Liverpool Young Writers for a new set of young writers. The sessions were run by performance artist, Nikki Hayden and writer Jack Finch. The course culminated in a fantastic showcasing performance on the roof of the Central Library on Light Night as part of the Writing on the Wall Festival. The young writers work varied from classic poetry to spoken word performances, all of which are featured in this Word Up book. Watch Amina performing on the library roof here.

' I was first introduced to Word Up by a friend, who I met through a frequent open floor event, specialising in poetry and prose readings. The course was originally a 12 week programme, designed to teach methods of creative writing and spoken word performance / public readings. We covered various forms of poetry (i.e. free verse, haikus, song lyrics, etc.), catering for each person in the group on an individual and collective basis.
The first few sessions of the course was packed with people, all ranging from various art forms, ranging from rap and singer/song writing to spoken word poetry, alternative literature and even novelists. As the group whittled down slightly, the sessions had a great balance between group work and getting individual feedback. The group alone possessed high potential in reaching their own personal aspirations, though only began to realise what they could achieve through their time in each session. This course actually turned out to be a compatible stepping stone for any young writer to reach their goals as well as develop any general writing and performance skills. This grew dramatically with our confidence as part of this new found community.The course was run by Liverpool born artist Nikki Blaze and freelance writer Jack Finch,  and even featured special guests from New York City, including Hip Hop and spoken word artist Jaylyn (AKA Abuvv) who came down to teach us about the arts industry and a few styles of poetry to experiment with.
At the end of the course, we concluded with a live showcase performance on top of the roof in Liverpool Central Library, on the 16th of May, the same date as Light Night. The numbers in the audience were on a high proportion, bringing a stimulating atmosphere to the event. The course overall was as insightful as it was enjoyable and I do feel that this has improved and further defined my writing style and has boosted my confidence as both a performer and writer.
Word Up is now an ongoing course, still ran by Nikki Hayden, who is collaborating with Merseyrail Sound Station winner Daniel Sebuyange (AKA Blue Saint). I would honestly recommend this course to any young writer who conducts in general forms of literary arts, whether it's story writing, lyrics, poetry, etc as a fun and easy going but highly educating opportunity to improve your writing skills, learn other forms or even improve your general performance delivery.'  Reece Goldstein 
In September a new group formed, continuing with Nikki Hayden. Keep a look out for future performances from the young writers or if you are interested in taking part – get in touch with us and join the group. It’s a brilliant opportunity to work with professionals and perform your own work! Call 0151 703 0020 or email and find out more. 

To get a copy of Word Up please contact us on 0151 703 0020 or email and get your copy for just £1.