Revolution: Flash Fiction

Pulp Idol is part of our annual month long festival in May, which this year is all about 'Revolution'. Is it time to rage against the machine? Should we stick it to the 'man'? This year's line-up is already looking great with Joanne Harris, China Miéville, Ian MacMillan, Tony Husband, Kate Evans, John Rees, Geoff Travis, and Henry Normal announced. For full details of all this year's events being held throughout May, visit our website.
Flash Fiction 2017

"Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen…
Cause the times they are a-changing” – Bob Dylan

The time has come for revolution, and we want you to write about it.
New technologies are flinging us into space-age realities. Trump and Brexit are shifting the world as we know it. We can no longer rely on the media and news to keep us well-informed. However, new cultural movements can happen quicker and more effectively than before; we’re all plugged in and reachable; we’re all passionate and want to change things about where we are, where we belong and how we interact. The world is primed for revolution; whether it’s in music, art, technology, labour, economics, politics, religion, sexuality, gender or government, change is in the air. Can you feel it? More importantly, can you write it?
Writers have been at the heart of many of the world’s most important revolutions; the bards of 1916 Ireland, poets of revolutionary France, Russian authors speaking out from behind the Iron curtain, slam poets speaking out against racism and police brutality in America and even close to home with writers weighing in on Brexit.
“Revolution” is the theme for this year’s Flash Fiction competition. You can write in any genre and break any rules you want but keep it sharp; you have 500 words maximum to tell us your tale.
Flash Fiction Flash – small is the new BIG!
Never heard of it? – you soon will!

To ‘borrow’ from the poet John Keats, flash fiction promises ‘infinite riches in a small room’.

As part of its annual festival Writing on the Wall is holding a Flash Fiction competition with the Theme of ‘Revolution’ (500 words maximum). Entries are invited from age 16 upwards and be written in any genre as long as they relate to the main theme. Your entry must not have won any other competitions. You can enter here

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