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Mental Health and Me - Faces, Spaces and Places

Mental Health and Me - Faces, Places and Spaces
Writing Competition 2016




Don't forget you have until 1st September to enter Faces, Places and Spaces for your chance to become a published writer and even take home the special prize trophy!! 
Mental Health and Creativity has always be entwined. From the Shakespearian era where they referred to mental illness as 'madness' to more contemporary books like Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel. There's so many authors to take inspiration from. We want to hear your story and your thoughts! There's 3 categories and you can write your entry as a poem, short story, tweet, letter, journalism piece blog/diary entry or submit a spoken word piece. Get involved and help us break the stigma surrounding mental health and celebrate at our Award Ceremony on Monday, 10th October!

“I'm the girl who is lost in space, the girl who is disappearing always, forever fading away and receding farther and farther into the background. Just like the Cheshire cat, someday I will suddenly leave, but the artificial warmth of my smile, that phony, clownish curve, the kind you see on miserably sad people and villains in Disney movies, will remain behind as an ironic remnant. I am the girl you see in the photograph from some party someplace or some picnic in the park, the one who is in fact soon to be gone. When you look at the picture again, I want to assure you, I will no longer be there. I will be erased from history, like a traitor in the Soviet Union. Because with every day that goes by, I feel myself becoming more and more invisible...” 
― Elizabeth WurtzelProzac Nation

Calling all Time Travellers!

Time Travel with WoW...
Another chance to come and see our fantastically futuristic time machine at Liverpool Central Library.
WoW created this unique initiative to inspire creativity and writing. We're calling on all time travellers to write themselves a journey to the past, the future or distant galaxies. Don't miss it!

Maghull Literary Festival

We had a fantastic day at Maghull Literary Festival! With an amazing array of talent for our Mega Maghull Poetry Slam the day was filled with tension and excitement to find the Slam Champion who turned out to be Patrick Clarke with his brilliant and very eloquently written poetry. A big congratulations to Patrick and all those who competed on the day. Our time machine landed in Maghull and attracted many young time travellers who wrote some excellent time travelling stories with our Mad Professor! The rest of the day was filled with inspiring talks from local authors who shared their tips on how to bag a publishing deal without moving to London and told the audience their own personal stories. Authors included Clare Coombes (Definitions), John Donohughe (The Death Head's Chess Club), Anthony Schumacher (The Darkest Hour) and Pulp Idol Winner 2016, Helen Dring. We also heard from some fantastic children's authors including the very charismatic Alan Gibbons (The Number 7 Shirt) who made the whole crowd laugh, Sally-Anne Tapias-Bowes (His Mother) and Mandy Coe (Clay.)
We also had a fun and uplifting performance from Poet, Levi Tafari. 

A big thanks to Maghull City Council for having us involved!

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